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inTandem FunMTB Rides in partnership with Adintra counselling offer the opportunity to participate in social, well-being focused mountain biking rides, inTandem are particularly interested in offering this opportunity to those who would benefit physically, emotionally and or psychologically from an active-outdoor-experience.

Participants will be required to complete a health disclaimer confirming they are fit and well enough to take part when signing up for the rides. Mountain biking is a strenuous-physical activity and it is essential that anyone wanting to participate, who does not already exercise regularly and or has not mountain biked previously, consults their GP/ Consultant beforehand.

It is also essential that participants are already able to ride a bike, but do not need to have had experience of off-road cycling. inTandem leaders are not trained as coaches and cannot offer bike skills coaching during sessions, but we can help with things like gear choice according to the terrain.

Participants MUST pre-book using the booking form links on this page.

Ride venues and information will be promoted via our facebook group


we are not able to accept participants onto any inTandem rides who have not booked in advance , places will be limted to ensure rider safety and enjoyment

Participants MUST bring a bike (some of the venues offer bike hire, details will be included in the pre-ride booking information where applicable)

Participants MUST; make sure their bike is in good working order, with the tyres pumped up before arriving on the ride. AND suitable for the terrain. Bikes suitable for rougher terrain riding are absolutely essential, this includes MTB and hybrid bikes, road bikes are NOT suitable.

Participants MUST wear a helmet throughout the ride, we also recommend you wear cycling gloves if you have them, and safety spectacles.

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Please use the link below to complete and submit the online booking form or use the QR code

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inTandem rides will take place on terrain that ranges from the urban fringe, gravel tracks, designated MTB trails (up to blue graded trails) and open countryside. All organised group rides will have been pre-ridden by the ride-leaders and risk assessed. However, all participants are required to act responsibly and in accordance with the guidance of the ride-leaders to ensure the safety of all participants and others in the outdoor environment.

These group rides are offered free of charge, although we would invite participants where possible to make a small donation to Awyr Las, citing Pedal, Paddle Plod 874 : 

Background Training.

Both Phil and Sue have undertaken training delivered via a partnership between British Cycling and Scottish Cycling and experts in the outdoor industry. The training combined both online pre-course learning with face-to-face training and practical assessment to lead entry level mountain bike rides. This training covered aspects such as:

  • leadership principles

  • route planning

  • simple trailside repairs.

  • How to manage accidents and emergencies

  • We have also undergone safeguarding training,

and hold current;

  • REC (rescue emergency care) outdoor first aid training

  • and are both insured via our British Cycling Membership to lead entry level MTB rides.

Details can be found here:


Sue has undertaken training in outdoor therapy and although inTandem rides do not include counselling for individuals or groups, there is an opportunity to focus on the well-being benefits of the outdoors, this may simply be enjoying the outdoor environment, or engaging with the outdoor environment in an intentional way, either through our senses, or by using materials found in the outdoors in active creative ways, this aspect can be introduced into the rides as is appropriate to participant’s wishes and needs.

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photo of the ride leaders Sue and Phil
photo of a group of cyclists checking their bikes before a ride
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