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What my Supervisees say...

"I really value Sue's supervision, she is supportive, but challenging and refreshing.  There are always new perspectives to be explored in supervision, which I can use in my work with clients."

I have been receiving clinical supervision from sue for nearly a year and have found our sessions very helpful. I am a trainee counsellor, and Sue has been very informative, thoughtful and patient with me throughout my first year of practice. She is very knowledgeable, and always helps me to stay on the right track. My confidence has improved since working with Sue, and she has excellent skills in helping me to challenge, explore and reflect on my client work. Sue is a joy to work with, and I value my time with her greatly.


Safe Hands

I feel so lucky that I’ve had the benefit of Sue as a counselling lecturer, trainer and supervisor over the last six years. She has been an invaluable source of knowledge and skills, wisdom and sensitivity, for my development as a counsellor, and anyone she works with is in very safe hands. 

I have been a supervisee for over 12 months with Sue. I look forward to supervision as Sue gives me the space to think about my clients, look at different perspectives and gives me confidence. I always come away from supervision feeling clearer and focused for the month ahead, a valuable 90 minutes spent.

I have supervision with Sue on regular basis I find this very useful allowing me time to reflect on my practice both good areas and areas for improvement. I find Sue's style supportive but still challenging at the appropriate times

Thank you for the support and for gently steering me in the right direction

For me, supervision is most valuable where you really feel you can be yourself and really explore areas of your practise with someone who will encourage and prompt your thinking, in a way that does not make you feel ‘less than’.  That is the space that Susan provides for me.  I always feel heard and come away feeling confident, yet with a little more insight.  Supervision is always a joy.  


What my colleagues say...

Sue Critchley is a remarkable therapist, supervisor, and teacher. She has a unique ability to truly connect with another person, understand the world from their perspective, and offer warmth and support to guide them on their journey. It has been an absolute pleasure to work alongside Susan and I cannot recommend her highly enough to anyone considering counselling or seeking a supervisor. Professor Fay Short, BU.

Client perspectives

I have taken the decision not to include client testimonials, ths is based on consideration of the BACP ethical principles 

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